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About Us



414 Solution was incorporated in 2010 by Mr. Rajan Bhatia, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas & its manufacturing in India.

We specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals such as Citric Acid Anhydrous And Monohydrate, Caustic Soda Prills, Caustic Soda Nsf, Sodium Gluconate, MEA Triazine, Organic Soya Lecithin and Sunflower Lecithin.

Adding to this list is chemicals used in construction works  which will be first of a kind in the industry.

About The Managing Director

Based in Houston, Texas for the last 37 years, Rajan Bhatia is quiet a prominent name in the oil drilling industry. A chartered accountant by profession and a highly experienced business leader, rajan is a man with a vision.

He also believes in giving back to the society. Not only is he the founder of 414 SOLUTIONS but also the chairman of Shiv Shakti Temple in Houston, Texas

414 Solutions has recruited close to 150 top scientists nd they are coming up with industry based chemicals which will be catering the needs of every niche industry.

Mr. Bhatia is the leader in the USA market space for Aktiblock. Aktiblock is a Super Pozzolana spherical densified particle of a metallic silicon liquid. It possesses multi-functional applications in oil-well cement.

About Yash Bhatia 

Yash is just like any ordinary Mumbaikar, he is always busy and is always on the go. But unlike many, he has unique zeal and passion for entrepreneurship. You may not know him by his name but may have surely come across some of his work.

He is the founder of Infiniti hair club in Mumbai, one of the few hair salons that are redefining the lives of thousands of men and women across the country. He reached a turning point when he realised that there were so many young adults that were dealing with severe hair loss issues, many of them were extremely apprehensive about hair transplants, and most of them found it unaffordable. So he came up with hair systems for cancer patients, alopecia patients, and for just about anyone experiencing severe hair loss. Today Infiniti hair Club is growing in popularity and has become a go-to salon for many.

Yash has also launched Bombay car studio, a high-end car servicing company. His company is the first and only company in the country that offers graphite coating – a unique coating that gives your vehicle a permanent shine. Bombay car studio is also into buying and selling pre-owned luxury cars.

Yash has also bought and sold a lot of other companies in the Indian market and has previously dived into the print media business as well, we can say he has pretty much done it all.

Yash is now venturing into the chemical and oil business to help his father expand their legacy of 414 solution across the globe

414 Solution

414 Solution specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals such as citric acid, caustic soda, and plenty of other chemicals